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Monday, January 17, 2011

What's in a name?

If you've ever seen the silver juggernaut that is the Embellishmint delivery van then you've seen what is our biggest and sole diesel-consuming form of mass advertising. Traveling the roads and highways of San Diego over the years we've received numerous comments about the particular spelling of our name. Usually people just want to know why it's an i and not an e, but sometimes we are blessed with gems like these:

That guy- "Do you know you've misspelled embellishment?"
Us- "Truthfully, we didn't think anyone would notice without the squiggly red line underneath..."

Not to undermine good Samaritans and their quest for correct spelling everywhere but give us a break dude! We're florists not cyborgs; we tend to be a little creative from time to time. However, we'd like to address the legitimacy of the question "why " i" and not "e"?" What was the reasoning behind the name?

Firstly it's a reflection of our ideals as designers and florists. To embellish something is to improve it, to beautify it, and to make it more interesting by adding detail. Be it a wedding or a corporate party that is exactly what we do each and every time.

The -mint part gets a bit more complex as it has multiple meanings. One is the small green aromatic herb with its connection to the floral aspect of our business being fairly obvious, while the second definition of pristine and original condition lends itself to the quality in which we handle our products.

Lastly, it really boils down to simple attention to detail. Some people don't even notice it's an i, while others notice it before reading the rest of the name. Our company is built on that attention to small detail because it really does make a big difference in everything you do.

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